Career Mentor is Crucial to Reach your Goal

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By: YA at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

Have you felt lost in your career path? Have you lost your motivation for your work? If "yes", than you are reading the right article to get out of the typical career problem!


Many people have faced or are facing career adversities, and it is hard to find a solution or answer to navigate them to the best career way. Having a career mentor is the best option to rescue you from situations you have faced in your work path. After reading this article, I hope that you learn of the benefit of having a professional career mentor.


What is a career mentor? 

A career mentor helps you identify goals, resolve problems you are faced with in your career path, and expand your possibility using their knowledge and expertise. They embrace you with the abundant experiences they have gone through and lead you to the best career path.


According to CNBC, “more than 9 in 10 workers (91%) who have a mentor are satisfied with their jobs, including more than half (57%) who are “very satisfied.” Among those who don’t have a mentor, each of those numbers drop by double digits.” Having a mentor to choose the most suitable job and raise your job satisfaction is crucial. Besides, more than 40% of workers who do not have mentors claim they have considered quitting their job in the past three months compared to 25% of workers who have mentors.


Having a mentor gives you many benefits for passing a desirable and satisfying career path. Let’s dig into what will contribute to your happier work path with having a mentor.


  1. Mentors Help You Clarify and Set Up a Proper Goal


Mentors advise and navigate you objectively to assess whether your goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-sensitive (SMART). Sometimes, people set an unachievable goal subjectively. Mentors can fix the issues and advise you to build a more realistic and attainable goal from an objective view.


  1. Mentors Navigate You in the Best Way with their Knowledge and Experiences


Mentors have faced many obstacles and walls in their career path as well as you do now, and they have overcome these issues. Needless to say, it is the most efficient way to listen to an experienced person to solve a problem. Mentors willingly attribute the knowledge and expertise they have built up to you in order to rescue you from the career problems you are facing and lead you in the best way.


  1. Mentors Keep You Stay in Your Career Path


Sometimes, people get lost in their career path as they do not know why they cling to that position and job. With the support of mentors, it is easier to remind yourself of what you desire to achieve in the long run and be motivated to work on your current job for your dream. Keeping track of your career path and goal is not difficult with mentors, which might raise the possibility of reaching your future goal.


  1. Mentors Improve Your Business Skills


Communicating with mentors will enhance your soft skills, which are crucial for your job success, such as verbal communication, listening skills, adaptability, receiving feedback, and self-awareness. Mentors are not teachers who give you lectures and want you to just listen to them. They want you to “communicate” with them. You are required to express your career goal and listen to their advice and be spontaneous to achieve your destination along with their advice. Sometimes, you need to receive their feedback to attain your desired outcome, and you can improve your business skills.


  1. Mentors Provide You Various Opportunities and Network


Mentors are eager to connect multiple people with you and give you new opportunities to open up doors for you. Although it is easier to make networking thanks to online applications, it is time-consuming and challenging to connect with trustworthy and suitable people just with your limited power. Mentors can make the best of their network and help you broaden your worldview.


As we have explored, mentors play many essential roles in deciding your career path. They help you go through a proper career path and achieve your desired goal. Why don’t you have a mentor to level up your future? There is an upcoming event called Level Up Career Fair that might help you level up your career path on Saturday, September 3rd, at the Gene Leahy Mall. You can encounter your future mentor here!



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