Family Housing Advisory Services Advises the Next Generation of Home Ownership

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By: Joshua Bryan, A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson's Service-Learning Academy class.

FHAS To Sponsor 2023 Level Up Job & Housing Fair

At this year’s Level Up Labor Day Job and Housing fair, there are plenty of business participants that have continued to encourage, educate and empower the community. However, the one that sticks out in mind is no other than Family Housing Advisory Services.


The job that they have done with helping the unfortunate become landowners, help those to have access to tax credits, and become financially aware in the housing market. Before talking with Teresa Hunter who is the Executive Director/CEO of Family Housing Advisory Services. In her bio on Linkedln it is mentioned that “We improve the quality of life by helping people achieve housing stability and financial security”. After reading this, I could feel her passion for the work that they are doing. In any case, for someone to feel at home before buying their first home can feel overwhelming. No matter what one’s situation. The expertise that they have along with their values of “We are not silent.  We cry out against housing and economic injustice and inequality in all forms” shows that they have your back.  


First-hand Account

My cousin needed advice and then was introduced to someone who worked at Family Housing Advisory Services. After learning tax credits, they were eligible for and becoming an educated homeowner after purchasing their home. Mentioning how helpful from start to finish throughout the whole process made them feel comfortable for home ownership.  


FHAS History 

FHAS has been around for 50-plus years. Even since then, the mission has remained the same. Participating in this year’s Career fair. Teresa has mentioned that they see it as an “opportunity to expand our visibility and reach more people interested in improving their financial capabilities and addressing housing issues”. Along with the vision that they have. FHAS has helped over 5000 people learn about home ownership. With the way the housing market is nowadays. It is important to learn about the new ways to obtain affordable housing and even know about the counseling services that they have as well.  Not only do they operate in Nebraska. But in Iowa as well.  


FHAS workshops 

The many workshops that FHAS has attributed to the success that they have had in the community. With numerous stories coming from these workshops, many have access to pre/post-purchase education and financial education meetings that they can join. They can vary in time frames along with a certificate of completion when done. For the many who have had Covid related issues, Covid Relief Assistance can be offered to those who may qualify for this. The information that the Housing experts provide can create massive relief for families wanting to care for their loved ones. 


For the Fair 

Something to think about is when someone is in the business of services. The joy should be more thought about than what you are doing at times. I have realized that some tend to go for the popular and neglect other things that may have less of an opportunity. FHAS has embraced the less and treats everyone the same no matter the one’s circumstances. These organizations at time go under the radar and need to be more talked about. The passion that they show has made me understand that the why needs to be important as the work that you do. Credit to the services that FHAS provides. I hope that their Career fair continues to help others in need. 



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Attend Freedomtainment's Level Up Career Fair

On Saturday, September 2nd from 11am-4pm at the Gene Leahy Mall, Freedomtainment will host the Level Up Job & Housing Fair for individuals that are ready to "level-up" or step up to a next level job, connect with Omaha area employers and resource providers. For more information and to register for the event, go to:

The family-friendly event will include free lunch* and the following activities:
 12pm: Dance Team Competition by Crown My Crew and music by DJ Chevy
 12pm-4pm: Free Haircuts by Keelan’s Barbershop (walk-up as available)
 1, 2, 3 pm: Free Family Fitness Classes in the park by Top Flight Fitness
*while supplies last

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