Clothing Closets: Business Added To Your Closet

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By: A UNO Student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning Academy class.

Getting your first full time job can create excitement and nervousness at the same time. Figuring what you want to in order to support yourself can be a fun process. But what is the first step to getting a job? That is an interview. When it comes to showing up to your interview, what is the most important part? How you are dressed is the answer to that question. Making a good first impression is key to getting a great job. Also, maybe it isn’t your first job. Maybe you are trying to get a new job you feel is a better fit for your future. Your first impression is everything. Showing up to your professional interview in basketball shorts and a tee shirt will never be the right option. Therefor you will need a suit, and if not a suit, at least a nice dress shirt and a nice dress pair of pants. Now, finding that right outfit may not be easy or cheap. That is why there are places in the United States, and in Omaha in specific, that are there to help you. These places are called “Clothing Closets”. Clothing closets are designed to help people find the right outfit for your first interview or even your first job in general. These places carry men’s and women's clothes. For example, you can get help from Heartland Workforce Solutions, Trinity United Methodist Church, Women United Ministries, Open Door Mission, or Project Hope. Each one of these organizations receive donations and allow anyone to come pick out wonderful business clothes to keep you looking sharp.

How do you find out where these clothing closets are? Places like your school or your local library will have computers where you can make a search on the internet. You can also make this internet search on a phone if one is available to you. If you search “Clothing Closets in Omaha”, there are plenty of links where you can find addresses to these helping organizations. The University of Nebraska-Omaha has a great list of places you can go to get help. Some of these places will a limit on how often you are able to shop but they are willing to help.

You might think you are not fit to get a job or think that you would never be able to find a job that will hire you, but there are a lot of resources out there to help you succeed. Places and people all around Omaha and other cities have dedicated a lot of time to help others get where they need to be. No one wants someone to feel like they cannot do something or cannot reach there goal. Everyone has a destination. How you reach that destination is not always the easiest thing to route, but as long as you try and try again, you can be great. One thing to always think about is to never stop trying. Even though you might not fit in in one location, they is always another location you can find a future.

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