Omaha 100: Growing Generational Wealth and Homeownership

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By: A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson's Service Learning class.

Who is the Omaha 100?

The Omaha 100 is an organization that was founded in 1990. Omaha, like most cities, has a problem with offering homeownership opportunities to all. The Omaha 100 was founded to help remedy that. They provide alternative affordable mortgage lending sources. Most homes being built today in Omaha cost at least $300,000 — typically requiring mortgages that are unaffordable for families making less than $80,000 a year. Omaha 100 seeks to help people find a solution to this problem. They are responsible for helping over 2000 families buy homes. Omaha 100 has a diverse client base, with 61% of clients identifying as Black/African American, 10% as Hispanic, 25% as Asian, and 4% as White or other. In 2004 the Omaha 100 became a subsidiary of the Family Housing Advisory Services. Recently, however, they became a standalone organization again. The Omaha 100 also offers credit enhancement tools. They also offer financial education. The main goal of the Omaha 100 is to connect the community with capital.

Growing Wealth Opportunities

Another thing that the Omaha 100 offers is business loans. Opening a new business is very expensive and Omaha 100 is helping open those doors to many people. They offer loans from as little as $1,000 to $250,000. What is also important is the fact that the loans offer flexible interest rates and no prepayment penalties. They believe “Business is personal” so they work very hard to support prospective business owners. They offer educational services for business owners. This way you don’t need a 4-year degree to pursue your dream. Whether it is a small mom-and-pop shop, or you are aiming higher.

Omaha 100 sponsors events to cultivate a community that is growing. One of their most recent events was a contest called the “Pitch Black” pitch contest. Last year's pitch contest awarded $10,000 to the person who won first place. The reason this is one thing that they sponsor is that this is right in line with their goal of helping people reach whatever goal they have set financially. As their CEO Malinda Williams puts it on their website, “Empowering families to build financial capacity and achieve prosperity as they define it has been a passion of mine throughout my career.”. That is a powerful quote and seems to be borne out by Omaha 100’s actions. Omaha 100 was awarded $10,500,000 from the Department of Economic Development from the Nebraska Growth Loan Fund. They plan on using these resources to further their goal of bridging the wealth gap and promoting generational wealth in Omaha.

Level-Up Job and Housing Fair

The Level-Up Job and Housing Fair is an event presented by Freedomtainment Omaha. The goal is to help people come together and get access to higher-paying job opportunities. The fair also has sponsors like the Omaha 100 to help people achieve their goals of homeownership and generational wealth. The career fair will also be a chance to connect with people you might not otherwise. It will have free haircuts, food, and a tailgating party. There will even be dance team performances and other live entertainment. This will be an event we can all get excited about.


Attend Freedomtainment's Level Up Career Fair

On Saturday, September 2nd from 11am-4pm at the Gene Leahy Mall, Freedomtainment will host the Level Up Job & Housing Fair for individuals that are ready to "level-up" or step up to a next level job, connect with Omaha area employers and resource providers.  For more information and to register for the event, go to:

The family-friendly event will include free lunch* and the following activities:

  • 12pm: Dance Team Competition by Crown My Crew and music by DJ Chevy
  • 12pm-4pm:    Free Haircuts by Keelan’s Barbershop (walk-up as available)
  • 1, 2, 3 pm: Free Family Fitness Classes in the park by Top Flight Fitness 

*while supplies last

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