Omaha Skills Connection and the Impact They Have on the Community

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By: A student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson's Service Learning class.

About OSC:

Omaha Skills Connections goal is to achieve a brighter future for residents of North Omaha. Their approach to achieving a brighter future for residents of the North Omaha Community. OSC has five things that they hone in on, to achieve this goal.

  1. To eliminate barriers for participants by providing career readiness opportunities.
  2. To employ a disciplined, dynamic, dedicated and well-trained team of workforce professionals. 
  3. Secure long-term financial success and integrity for participants through financial literacy coaching. 
  4. To create a network of collaborations between public, private, non-profit organizations working directly with education stakeholders to help close skills gaps. 
  5. To provide students with mentors and engage in project-based learning. Omaha Skills Connections aims to increase interest and confidence in STEM-related subjects and academic performance. 

These five point of interests for OSC, are what makes them a great organization and is some of the reasons they successfully run! Omaha Skills Connections is doing something that is going to help so many people. It is a great opportunity for the community of North Omaha to get into this program and get some help financially, and with jobs. OSC is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the participants' overall well-being. 

Meet OSC's Executive Director:

Michella Blankman is the Executive Director of Omaha Skills Connections. Michella is an experienced leader, with a fiery passion for post-secondary education. She has over 18 years of experience of diverse student populations. She is trained as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. When training and coaching she likes to use a strength based development to help others learn, grow, develop and succeed. Michella has also obtained a certificate in Dental Assisting. During that time she gained clinical experience helping the homeless population at Charles Drew Community Center. Sometime after that, she graduated from Bellevue University and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Management. At that time she also gained her Master’s in Public Administration. Michella is very knowledgeable and loves to help others. Her passion to want to see others succeed is something that so few offer. With the amount of schooling and volunteer work she has done, she is the best for this job!

Serving North Omaha

OSC is the stepping stone for residents in the North Omaha Community. The goal of Omaha Skills Connections is to provide an inclusive community where cultural diversity is celebrated. Omaha Skills Connections has a passion for diversity in today’s workforce initiatives, creating valued connections. 

OSC is looking to provide low-income youth opportunities to gain skills, confidence, and knowledge to succeed. They want to lower the achievement skill gap, and make it so that the low income youth can prosper. This has been identified as a critical issue facing communities in North Omaha. They offer basic computer training, and career exploration as well as training students in STEAM fields. A key area of focus amongst this nonprofit is financial literacy among the North Omaha Community. Learning how to create and manage a household budget is key knowledge to learn to be successful in every aspect of life. Keying in on teaching how to invest money for retirement to be set up for the future is something that OSC is taking very seriously. One on one coaching and counseling is key for economic security for all participants in the long run. 

OSC to host the 2023 Level-Up Job and Housing Fair on 9/2

Omaha Skills Connections is coming to the Level-up Career and Housing fair with hopes of reaching the community and showing what matters most to them. They want to help you grow, and be there for you to set you up for a successful future!


Attend Freedomtainment's Level-Up Job Fair on 9/2

On Saturday, September 2nd from 11am-4pm at the Gene Leahy Mall, Freedomtainment will host the Level Up Job & Housing Fair for individuals that are ready to "level-up" or step up to a next level job, connect with Omaha area employers and resource providers.  For more information and to register for the event, go to:

The family-friendly event will include free lunch* and the following activities:

  • 12pm: Dance Team Competition by Crown My Crew and music by DJ Chevy
  • 12pm-4pm:    Free Haircuts by Keelan’s Barbershop (walk-up as available)
  • 1, 2, 3 pm: Free Family Fitness Classes in the park by Top Flight Fitness 

*while supplies last


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