Questions for Peace of Mind When Interviewing

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By: Luke Muffitt at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson's Service Learning class.

Questions For Peace of Mind When Interviewing

Doing job interviews can be difficult, it is especially difficult when it comes to the part when they ask you if you have any questions to ask. Whether it’s because you didn’t think ahead and prepare questions or even having questions ready and then you forget what they were. It happens to all of us but you will learn more by asking questions at the beginning rather than waiting till you start working. Asking questions during an interviewer is the best way to leave an impression to an interviewer, it shows that you care and have commitment towards the job and you’re not just faking your way through. In an article written by Chegg CareerMatch, “ If you don’t have any good questions, it shows a lack of curiosity and engagement. After all, there’s no way you could know everything there is to know about a new company and job opportunity after only one interview.” While there’s no such thing as a bad question you should ask questions that are at least going to be worth your time and effort. That is the point of this blog and by the end of this you’ll have a good idea of the type of questions that should be asked. With the Level-Up Career Fair there is no better time to learn what questions are reasonable to ask.


  • The best question that can be asked is about your day to day tasks, there is no better way to get a feel for the job other than asking a question like this. Whether this is just about the position objectively or a schedule of what you will be doing hour by hour it will be extremely helpful.
  • Another good question that can be asked is about the turnover for your position and asking roughly how long people last in the position that you are applying for. By asking this question you can get an idea if the specific role is one that people typically enjoy. If a team has a high turnover rate for that position then maybe it’s not a job you would want. Turnover rate’s and longevity speak a thousand words on if the job is one that is good to the employee.
  • Asking about where the company sees you in their future will give you an idea on what their plans are for you. You can rely working for a company that works to not only move the company forward but move you towards your goals as well. No one wants to work at a place where they won’t be propelled forward.
  • The last type of question to go over is anything that you personally care about, something that could possibly sway your opinion on the company and give you a real sense of whether or not you will truly enjoy the job. There is no wrong question that you can ask because at the end of the day it is something that you will actually care about.


These four broad topics give you a sense of what you should or shouldn’t ask during the Career Fair in September. There is no doubt that you will have a better job at getting a job or showing more passion by asking your interviewer these few questions. Even just by asking four questions you will be doing more than most applicants will be. Good luck and I wish you well! Make sure to attend the Level-Up Career Fair hosted by Freedomtainment on September 3rd in Downtown Omaha at Gene Leahy Mall!


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