The Next Level Handshake

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By: A UNO Student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning Academy class.

Students have a rough go when it comes to finding a means of employment that will benefit their future. From hourly food business jobs that career advancement ends at a site manager, to the on-campus position that only gets you some experience in the field. UNO has partnered with handshake to create a student specific site to manage and find jobs that fit all their needs. Handshake is a neat and useful tool that will allow you to build yourself a profile and leave a lasting impression on employers who use it. Much like LinkedIn, Handshake allows you to add your education history, employment history, and much more. It’s a living and breathing resume that you can keep up to date and apply to all the positions listed. Besides student’s job searching and looking at its listing, it gives a student the chance to be recruited. With the inbox or messages feature, it allows the students to respond to recruiters where they can set up interviews, have questions answered, you name it. There are events and career fairs that can be listed at any given point. The event will let you know where and when it takes place, the employers that will be at each event, and the amount of people per event. This allows the student to see and gage whether that specific event would be beneficial for them to attend. Another Feature that a student must use is the employer specific tab, this is where they can search for a variety of different employers and people within the company that offer a variety of resources they can use. Overall Handshake is the tool for success when it comes to students finding their next big opportunity.

It’s not just an easy way for students to level up their career, the employers can level up their staff by using its many functions. Not just posting the position and having applicants apply, but by having access to a large malleable applicant pool they might not have otherwise. Employers can go into handshake and establish relationships early with students. That could be to recruit them for a position, or even an internship. But by being able to create that relationship, they would now how access to the most valuable thing there is in an organization… Human Capital. The employers can train and develop those students through internships, or simply chatting with them about their possible career interest, and it could be just as simple as tracking their course progress and GPA. Handshake is not just another job posting site, it’s single handedly one of the most successful networking apps there is. LinkedIn has its benefits, and good aspects associated with it, but the app itself does not guide its user to success. With Handshake the simple tab and posting menus on both sides of the spectrum, it makes the whole process streamlined, easy to get that first step towards a higher level of career. From the initial handshake message to the actual handshake in person, this app is the most beneficial resource for both the employer and the potential candidate.

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