The North Omaha Job Whisperer

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By: A UNO Student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning Academy class.

Introducing the North Omaha Job Whisperer and Level Up Host…. Racquel Henderson!


Born and raised in Omaha, and mother of two, is this year’s Level Up Career Fair Host. Racquel is an Omaha Native, that is known for connecting individuals with jobs in the North Omaha Community. From networking meetings to casual encounters at the grocery stores or car wash, Racquel is always ready to connect people and help them get closer to their next career or opportunity.


Racquel openly shares her encounter with the prison system. After being released from Prison, she really struggled to find an employer that took a chance on her. People judged her for her past mistakes. Her record blinded all of her skills and potential in the eyes of the employer. This has lit a fire and passion for Racquel to help other make those important connections and get people closer to their dream jobs, or even just a job to help people get back on their feet. With her strong sense of community, she believes in always giving back to those around you. Lending a helping hand, encouraging, and uplifting other members in the community you live in.


Racquel now has more than 10 years of experience working in the community, assisting adults with career finding as well as being involved with youth programs to help them find their purpose. She is currently an advisor at Metropolitan community College, as an advisor, helping students of all levels figure to the best way to tackle their education. She is also focusing on the youth, involved in programs that help them to build and excel in the areas of self-esteem, confidence, and academics, so that they can reach any goal and opportunity they aspire to achieve.  She also serves to help give a voice to youth and families that are impacted by the juvenile system. Helping to collect their stories. Her soul breathes empowerment! To those that have felt the loses and those that have been dealt a bad hand, or that struggle to feel capable. She stands as a living testimony to let other know, that your yesterday does not define you today, and it does not define your tomorrow. You can be whoever you want to be. Lean on to the community resources available and find a way!


  • Pathforward Coordinator- Metro Community College
  • Black and Pink—the nation's largest prison abolitionist organization – Employment and Education Coordinator
  • TerraLuna Collaborative-
  • Sacred Heart School- Mentor


"Work hard to get it. When you get it, reach back - pull someone else up. Each one, teach one. Don't just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference." - Denzel Washington



Do not miss the chance to meet and be around the Job Whisperer of North Omaha, as she hosts this year’s Level Up Career Fair. Connecting you with employers in the area that are offering job positions that start at least $16/hour. No matter what part of town you live in come network with us!



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