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Fan Attendance COVID-19

In accordance and approved by the Douglas County Health Department Freedomtainment will reopen its doors to outside events. All guests will be required to wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing in and around Malcolm X Memorial Foundation. Signage and floor decals will be located throughout entrances, security check points, concession stands and other areas of Malcolm X Memorial Foundation to promote physical distancing. Hand-sanitizing stations will also be available at all entrances, concession stands and throughout various locations in the Venue.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public space where people gather. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. You assume all risks arising from the risk of contracting COVID-19, whether occurring before, during, or after the event, however caused or contracted. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and directed health measures as well as the safety protocols and procedures complemented by Freedomtainment with regard to COVID-19. You also waive all claims against the Freedomtainment, White Rhino Productions LLC, Malcolm X Memorial Foundation, and any other person associated with this event, except for claims arising out of the grossly negligent conduct of the foregoing parties.

*All implemented measures will adhere to Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services guidelines.

Additional questions can be direct via email to Freedomtainment@gmail.com


The following additional protocols will be enforced:


Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitaion

Freedomtainment is staffing additional custodial crews before, during and after events who routinely use disinfectant for daily cleaning procedures. Cleaning solution with claimed effectiveness against coronavirus is in regular use throughout the Venue, and each Zone is methodically sanitized after use. Areas of frequent human contact (restrooms, hard surfaces, doorknobs) are cleaned multiple times a day.


Face Masks

Per mandate from the City of Omaha, face masks are required to enter this facility. Also, as recommended by the CDC, public-facing Freedomtainment event staff members are required to wear face masks. This is subject to change based on state or county health directive.


Guest Signange

Reminders are posted throughout Malcolm X Memorial Foundation to encourage social distancing, to mark entrances and exits and to promote good hygiene.


Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing dispensers are placed at guest and employee entrances as well as throughout the facility. Additionally, both visitors and staff members are outwardly encouraged to carry personal sanitizers.


Seating Limitations

Seating limitations will be dependent on permitted capacity on the event date. In the arena bowl, every other row may be occupied with no more than six people seated together. Seating will be staggered throughout to accommodate social distancing parameters. Seats that may not be used will be marked off. Groups may not exceed six people. Guests are prohibited from accessing the Production Area of Malcolm X Memorial Foundation at all times.

In addition to pre-determined seating charts, socially distanced floor markers for guests waiting in line at the box office, restrooms and concessions, as well as general capacity restrictions will be in effect throughout Malcolm X Memorial Foundation 

Seating configurations will utilize social distancing guidance from the Nebraska Governor’s office. Additional staffing maybe necessary to help enforce social distancing guidelines.

Guests will be expected to limit their movements in and around Malcolm X Memorial Foundation to reduce congestion.

Guests are expected to practice physical distancing when entering the arena.

Guests are expected to practice physical distancing when exiting Malcolm X Memorial Foundation.

Additionally, Malcolm X Memorial Foundation will be cleared immediately after the 5pm event to help prevent groups from gathering and continue a safe, socially distanced space. To set up for the 8pm Concert.  This will include Venue staff, , fans, etc.

*All tickets must be purchased in advance of the event you are wanting to attend. There will be no walkup sales on game days to prevent congestion in the lobby. *

Tickets can be purchased, online at Freedomtainment.com. 

We are also accepting print at home tickets – you can access print at home via computer. 

All tickets will be digital and scanned with limited staff member-to-guest contact.

All seats will be reserved, and guests are required to sit in their assigned locations to aid contact-tracing requirements as needed.

In the event of a postponement, fans who have purchased tickets for the postponed event may use them on the rescheduled dates. 

Freedomtainment is a CLEAR BAG venue. Clear bags and small clutch-sized purses are the only bags allowed at entry.


Food & Beverage  Safety Precautions

Food and Beverage provided by Anderson Enterprise will be in operation with the following changes:

Concession stands will operate as “cash free” environments. All major debit and credit cards will be accepted.

All food and beverage products in both concessions and premium areas will be served either in enclosed containers or wrapped. Only bottled, non-alcoholic beverages and canned beer will be served.

No fountain sodas or draft beer will be available, and all mixed alcoholic beverages will be served with lids.

Food and beverages may only be consumed when guests are in their seats.


Prohibited Items

Any type of weapon, fake weapon or object resembling a weapon. This includes but is not limited to handguns, rifles, knives, straight edge razors, brass knuckles, swords, dangerous ordinance, Tasers, chains and all other categories of weapons, whether such items are real or replica weapons. This includes permit holders possessing or carrying lawfully concealed weapons in or around the facility. Weapons cannot be checked into Security or Guest Services.
Alcohol / Drugs / Illegal Substances / Vaporizing Pens. Baxter Arena is a smoke-free facility so no smoking materials or E-cigs are permitted in the facility.
Professional Cameras / Cameras with Lenses Greater Than 4” / Detachable Lenses / Tripods / Monopods / Selfie Sticks
Audio or Video Recording Equipment
Laser Pointing Devices / Glow Sticks
Hover Boards / Heely / Skateboards / Rollerblades
Artificial noise-making devices of any kind / Whistles / Air Horns
Large Umbrellas / Golf Umbrellas
Bubbles / Footballs / Frisbees / Balloons / Fireworks / Pyrotechnics / Confetti / Glitter / Aerosols 
Masks should not be worn at any time inside the facility
Outside Food / Beverage (20 oz. or smaller empty clear plastic bottles will be allowed for water)
Bicycles / Helmets / Chairs
Obscene Clothing / Indecent Clothing
Animals except service animals 
Any item deemed to compromise public safety

If your conduct endangers or disrupts guests or others involved in the event, Freedomtainment reserves the right to remove you from the premises.