North Side State of Mind


Freedomtainment is committed to connect Black young adults in the North Omaha Community with therapeutic resources that help inform and improve their mental health in the pursuit of a better quality of life. 

It is important to acknowledge how race, culture and background impact our mental health. Over the past few months, Black people everywhere have been trying to survive COVID-19’s devastating attack on our communities, while processing layers of generational and personal trauma shaped by race-related stressors such as economic inequality, police brutality, criminal injustice and more. Mental health experts warn about the negative emotional and psychological effects the current state of the society will have on the Black community. Yet, our access to aid continues to be limited. 

We recognize the growing demand for mental health care services with the North Omaha community during this time of heightened trauma. We aim to increase access and utilization of mental health services amongst Black young adults in the North Omaha community and destigmatize black cultural narratives about therapy.